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Cosmic Sound Secret by Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji

Brahmrishi kumar swami ji“The Western societies that doubted the validity of cosmic science are now amazed at its power. Medical scientists and doctors find it unbelievable that the diseases for which they have been unable to find a cure are being cured by the simple practice of Cosmic Sound Secrets. The powers of cosmic science are limitless. It carries the solutions to all our problems. This dimension goes beyond all sects and belongs only to religion which is one. One can practice it irrespective of his faith."

Brahmrishi Kumar Swami Ji is a ray of hope not only for the believers, but also for the non-believers. In his vision the dimension of theist and atheist. Hence, an atheist may negate the existence of God, but he is not excluded from the Divine. Grace is available to everyone, just as the life-sustaining elements such as air, water, fire, and space are available to all human beings and other life forms. Gurudev is very categorical in his view that we need not fulfill any pre-condition to receive cosmic grace. Air gives life to all, and is freely available no everyone, irrespective of their religion, nationality, caste, or creed; nor does it differentiate between a theist and an atheist. The sky belongs as much to Hindus as to Muslims, or people belongings to any other religion. The sky has no religion, it is beyond all religions. The elements of air, water, fire and space are neither theist nor atheist. Their nature is to nourish life.

In the same manner, the cosmic grace is beyond the beliefs of theism and atheism, but still benefits both. The Cosmic Sound Secrets propounded by Kumar Swamiji are also beyond all these differences. Their whole purpose is to create a protective armor around you to deflect the physical ailments or other problems away. The cosmic grace evoked by Cosmic Sound Secrets belongs to the believers of all religions, and at the same time even to the non-believers. Believing in religion is not a pre-condition to receive cosmic grace. God has not created any religion. The truth is that man created the religion, and religion in turn created divisions of theists and atheists.

Gurudev’s mission is to share Cosmic Sound Secrets with us to help us overcome our physical, mental, and financial difficulties. It doesn’t make a difference whether the person receiving the Cosmic Sound Secrets believes in any religion or not. No one needs to be forcibly turned into a believer. Gurudev says that an atheist can be provided cosmic secrets through scientific approach. There are thousands in the West who do not believe in religion but are practicing and being benefited by the Cosmic Sound Secrets.

The reason behind Gurudev’s growing appeal to the scientific mind of the West is that he opens the doors of the cosmic mysteries to all, without excluding anyone.

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