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January 19 2015


International Media in Love with Gurudev

Brahmrishi shree kumar swamiji

During his international travels, Gurudev has touched the heart of media so deeply that the journalists follow his almost wherever he goes. Media’s interest in him is evident from the fact that he has already addressed more than 500 press conferences and has given more than 2000 exclusive interviews to electronic media across the world. The media in the West likes to give primetime coverage to all his activities and public his views on various subjects of social importance. The power and impact of comic science propounded by Gurudev is the cause of all this media attention and attraction.

Brahamrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji is the tresture house of immense powers. He can give a complete diagnosis of a man just be looking at his picture or listening to his voice the phone. This fact was witnessed by the BBC, the most popular TV channel in the world , in 2005.

August 25, 2005 was the day that shocked the whole world via BBC. That was the day when the intelligentsia and scientists of the world accepted that the spiritual dimension is more powerful than science and beyond its comprehension.

A special online show was organized at the BBC headquarters in London where Gurudev listened to people over telephone and diagnosed their problems. The show was telecast in America, Canada, England, and other European countries simultaneously. The whole world was shocked and everyone in the west started discussing about Gurudev’s source of powers which is beyond the comprehension of science.

Ms. Reva, the senior producer at BBC was awestruck. She said, “This is an amazing fact that Gurudev gave an exact diagnosis of so many people’s ailments. I have interviewed great personalities for BBC but Gurudev’s interview has been the most amazing one. I am in absolute awe of him.”

Ms. Rosy, the announcer of the BBC Show that she was surprised when Shri kumar swamiji told her about her problems as if he was reading her life as a book.

Ms. Shaital, the recording director at BBC also shared these sentiments. Looking at her face, Gurudev told her that she had suffered Tuberculosis at the age of 15 which still had its effects on her body. She said, “It was really surprising to hear him tell a fact about my life which even I had almost forgotten. He certainly has some power.”

MA International and TV Asia also telecast Gurudev’s live shows. When TV Asia’s director, Dr. Shah personally experienced the power of cosmic science, he was amazed. He invited Gurudev to his special studio and interviewed him at length. The whole world was once again left awestruck when the interview was telecast.

December 24 2014


Gurudev Embarks on his Historical Journey for World Peace

Brahmrishi kumar swami ji

Heartfelt Farewell by Thousands of Devotees

"All the prolems of this world can be easily solved with the help of cosmic science because that isthe eternal method to evoke cosmic grace, the source of this universe. This is such a powerful science that is can liberate humanity from every problem and insecurity."

Before embarking on his peace mission journey to America, England, and Canada Gurudev blessed thousand of people gathered from all over the world in Delhi. Thousands of devotees and the volunteers of Bhagwan Shree Lakshmi Narayan Dham took this opportunity to give a heartfelt farewell to him. The media was also present in full force at this occasion.

Addressing the gathered devotee Gurudev said, "Today the whole world is struggling with abundant problems and insecurities. The western world is living in an anxiety because of rampant violence and economic insecurities. America is suffering the most in spite of being the most powerful nation on this earth. America is so scientifically advanced but science has its own limitations and there are problems that the science is not capable to solve. All the problems of this world can be easily solved with the help of cosmic science because that is the eternal method to evoke cosmic grace, the source of this universe. This is such a powerful science that it can liberate humanity from every problem and insecurity. This dimension is like the mythological tree of kalpvriksha that fulfills all your wishes."

He said, "Millions of people have been cured of their incurable disease by the practice of Cosmic Sound Secrets. Such cases have been studied in the hospitals and medical scientists have seen the genuine evidences to prove the effectiveness of this cosmic technique. More than 30 million people in 160 countries across the globe are practicing Cosmic Sound Secrets regularly and overcoming their physical, mental and financial problems."

After the convention, a convoy of hundreds of cars followed Brahmrishi Kumar Swami Ji car till the airport to give him a farewell. It was a historical scene where thousand of disciples were gathered and flowers were being showered all around. Gurudev blessed everyone by raising his hands and smiling to each and everyone. Gurudev will return to India on the 10th of July after his journey to America, England and Canada where he will hold conventions to offer cosmic secrets for people to come out of their miseries. He will also meer politicians, diplomars and religious heads to discuss the ways and means to establish peace in the world. We will present the full report of his travels in the next issue of this magazine.

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